Vision and Mission


The Association has adopted the mission statement of the Association of Test Publishers International, which reads as follows:

“It is the mission of this Association to promote the ethical and effective use of assessment instruments.”

ATP SA strives to promote and advance the role of quality assessment in the workplace and where else assessments are used, advancing the profession of testing as a whole. To achieve this, ATP SA focuses on two primary approaches:

Advocacy for the industry:

Similar to ATP International, ATP SA monitors legislative, legal and regulatory bodies that commonly deal with testing issues. This reflects ATP SA’s mission to promote the ethical and effective use of assessment instruments through informing the public and governmental bodies about the contributions professionally developed tests can make.

Education for its members and the broader public:

ATP SA strives to promote the dissemination of information to interested parties within South Africa, informing best practice principles in line with international practices and contributing to the public’s right to be informed about testing and good testing practice.

Statement regarding ATP SA’s purpose

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