To facilitate consultation with relevant stakeholders, ATP SA has drawn up position papers on a number of topics where it is felt the association can provide valuable input. In order to align South Africa with international practice, the papers draw on publications from professional bodies like the American Psychological Association (APA), the International Test Commission (ITC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS) to name but a few.



Legal Opinion on Classification

19 Jan 2022
19 January 2022 Download Documents:  Legal Opinion Letter to ATP – DIFFICULTIES BEING EXPERIENCED BY MEMBERS IN HAVING TESTS CLASSIFIED... Read More →

Court Case Documents

19 Jan 2022
19 January 2022 Download Document:  Court Case Press Release with Judgment Final Judgement of the Court Case between the ATP... Read More →

Assessments Standards South Africa (ASSA)

19 Jan 2022
19 January 2022 Download Document: ASSA letter to ATP 2020 – Assessment Standards South Africa (ASSA) review process ASSA Review... Read More →

Copyright Policy

31 Jan 2008
ATP SA's draft policy on Copyright Infringement ... Read More →

Computerised and Internet-based Testing

31 Jul 2006
ATP SA's commentary on the Board's proposed South African Guidelines for Computerised Testing. ... Read More →

Proposal on Test Classification Framework

30 Jun 2006
ATP SA's proposal regarding the reclassification of tests in South Africa. ... Read More →
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